Your employees will enjoy learning with our immersive and interactive game-based and virtual reality solutions

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Virtual Reality

We use virtual reality technology and game design to develop solutions that engage, educate, train and entertain. We provide immersive 3D and VR based solutions for operator training, occupational safety training, work at height training, hazardous environmet training for oil and gas industries and fire training.

  • A Safe, Cost-Effective, and Engaging Approach to Training
  • Train your employees for difficult or impossible to simulate real world scenarios
  • VR based training provides an interactive and immersive real world simulation environment and increases learning efficiency
  • Safe – No risk to personnel or property, educate learners in relation to hazards and their potential consequences.
  • Hazard Awareness: Develop better awareness of hazards and risks in the work place and allow staff to understand potential outcomes of poor safety habits.
  • High learner retention and recall levels – Learning environment is highly focused, highly memorable and free from distractions.
  • Evacuation Training: Expose staff to emergency situations and build confident reactions to unforeseen events.
  • Improve productivity of tasks.

Virtual Reality based occupational safety training simulator

We provide effective training in a safe interactive environment.